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This petition is in regards to Ricky S. Kiser, a 24 year old father with no prior criminal history. In February 2008 he was sentenced to 120 years in prison with 102 years suspended and 2 years in a rehabilitation center.

He was convicted of robbing a pharmacy of prescription medication that he was addicted to for over 5 years. He was prescribed the medication by his Doctor and abruptly cut off of because Dr. Pole was being investigated by the F.B.I. Since then Dr. Pole lost his narcotics license and has a trial in the near future. Roxicodone, methadone and xanax are all highly addictive, strong narcotics that will alter your mind tremendously. Ricky did not harm, intend to harm, threaten anyone or posess a weapon.

He simply handed the pharmacist a note demanding the medication. When Judge Spruill sentenced Mr. Kiser, he first expressed how impressed he was with him in several ways. He said that he was not willing to deviate below the guidelines in this particular case because he was going to " make an example out of him for the community." No human being should be used as an example. We are all supposed to be treated equally.

We, the undersigned are requesting a lesser sentence for Mr. Ricky S. Kiser. He has served over a year already in Rappahanock Regional Jail.

We believe the punishment given was unfair and injust. We request that the rest of his sentence is to be served at a detention/ diversion center such as White Post. This would be more effective and would still give this young father a chance to continue his education, raise his son and start a career.

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