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Carsey-Warner/Bill Cosby/Debbie Allen

A Different World was one of the few shows on television that promoted the empowerment of african-american through education like its parent show The Cosby Show.

The Brilliance of the show came from its close to reality depiction of the life at a fictional Historically Black College. But also because of its non timidity towards addressing political and social issues that all competing shows of that period who feel too touchy.

In September 2012 just a little bit less than 2 years from now, we will celebrate its 25th anniversary. It will be the celebration of Television program that is recognized across the board by academics, teachers and educators for increasing the enrolment to HBCUs during the late 80's and 90's and for overall making it possible for more minority kids to aspire for a college education.

The 25th anniversary of this program should be celebrated with the respect due to such an important legacy.

Two things need to happen for a proper celebration: The release of the complete series on DVD and a reunion special of some sort such as a 1 hour reunion episode or more probably a direct to DVD movie.

Since its cancellation only the Season 1 of A Different World has been released because they believed the sales would not be sufficient enough to release the other subsequent five seasons.

This petition shall prove this wrong, by gathering enough petition to make it clear that there is market for the release of DVD Box Set that contains the 6 Seasons of the Series and a reunion Special Episode/Movie on DVD.

With this petition let's send this message to Carsey-Warner, Bill Cosby and Debbie Allen who are the people that can make it happen. Lead actors like Jasmine Guy or Kadeem hardison have already stated here and there in interviews they would make themselve available for the reunion movie/episode.

This is not impossible considering the fact that we've seen recently fans preventing a show from cancelation through Grass Root efforts, demanding a DVD release and maybe a Reunion Movie included in the release is really a Yes We can!

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