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Loretta Lynch needs to step down immediately, she has continued to blocked FBI raid of Clinton Foundation headquarters in September and it continues through today November 4, 2016.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch has come under fire for her perceived role in steering FBI Director James Comey away from recommending charges against Hillary Clinton this summer, and law enforcement officials are now alleging that the Obama-appointed AG also blocked an FBI raid of Clinton Foundation headquarters in September. According to senior officials familiar with the investigation, the FBI team tasked with evaluating the Clinton Foundation had obtained the necessary warrants and were prepared to seize electronic equipment, financial records, and other information from Clinton HQ.

That was, until Attorney General Loretta Lynch stepped in and ordered them to hold off. An investigator who declined to speak on the record and was only related to the investigation in an auxiliary position told CTN that the raid plans were inexplicably quashed in late September. Agents were not told the reasoning behind the decision, and they were only told that higher-ups in the Department of Justice wanted to take another look.

According to the Wall Street Journal, FBI field offices in New York, Los Angeles, DC, and Little Rock had been collecting information on the Clinton Foundation for more than a year. The New York offices did the most work on the case, with help from Little Rock. The LA office picked up information about the foundation in an unrelated public-corruption case, and DC was looking at the charity as part of its ongoing investigation into Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe, who is a former Clinton Foundation board member.

FBI officials presented their initial findings to DOJ in February, seeking approval to step up their investigation. That meeting did not go well. FBI agents continued probing the foundation using methods that did not require Justice Department approval. When the FBI had enough evidence to warrant a raid on Clinton Foundation headquarters, the DOJ pushed back. Some lower-level FBI operatives claim that they were instructed to “stand down.”

Now, other operatives are stepping forward and saying that Loretta Lynch directly blocked the raid from going forward. One official stated that Lynch “threatened to destroy” anyone who didn’t comply. Less than forty-eight hours before the raid was set to begin, agents were notified that they would not be moving on the Clinton Foundation after all.

At this time, it remains unclear what information the FBI has gathered on the Clinton Foundation or what a raid would have supposedly turned up. What is certain, however, is that DOJ officials, including Attorney General Loretta Lynch, have played an unprecedented role in impeding FBI business.

The Clinton E-mails Are Critical to the Clinton Foundation Investigation
Why is Lynch rushing the search for classified e-mails but blocking the pay-to-play corruption probe? The Wall Street Journal’s report that, for over a year, the FBI has been investigating the Clinton Foundation for potential financial crimes and influence peddling is, as Rich Lowry said Monday, a blockbuster. As I argued over the weekend, the manner in which the State Department was put in the service of the Foundation during Hillary Clinton’s tenure as secretary is shocking. It is suggestive of a pattern of pay-to-play bribery, the monetizing of political influence, fraud, and obstruction of justice that the Justice Department should be investigating as a possible RICO conspiracy under the federal anti-racketeering laws.

Along with the The Clinton Criminal Cover up there is " The war on Terror: What's the best way to fight terrorism? If you're Attorney General Loretta Lynch, the correct answer is "love." So it's official: Americans should abandon any pretense that we're being protected by our government from the terrorists who would murder us.

No, we're not making this up. Speaking recently about the June 12 attack on the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Fla., by a radical Islamist, Lynch said the motive "may never be known." "May never be known"? Omar Mateen, who cold-bloodedly and systematically slaughtered 50 people in the nightclub, pledged allegiance to the Islamic State as he gunned down gay men and lesbians, the 911 transcripts show. Nor was that his first indication of terrorist leanings.

The FBI had earlier conducted a nearly yearlong investigation of Mateen, who told acquaintances that he was a member of the terrorist Islamic group Hezbollah and that he had relatives who belonged to al-Qaida. His later Facebook posts made clear his intent: He vowed revenge for U.S. airstrikes against ISIS in Syria and pledged allegiance to the Islamic State.

So, yes, it's pretty clear why Mateen committed mass murder. Unfortunately, we have an administration that can't even bring itself to utter the words "radical Islamic terrorism." But Lynch really went over the top when asked how to fight terrorism. "Our common humanity transcends our differences," she said, sounding more like a beauty pageant contestant than the nation's top law enforcement officer, "and our most effective response to terror is compassion, it's unity and it's love."

This would be funny if it didn't endanger more Americans' lives by making terrorists believe we're all as clueless as the attorney general. Worse, this sends a very clear message to terrorists that Americans are too cowardly and foolish to defend themselves against extreme religious hate. So the terrorists that murder in the name of Islam will come again and again -- until we stop them.

Lynch's capitulation to evil is reminiscent of Neville Chamberlain's sad little piece of paper, which he and Adolf Hitler signed, guaranteeing "peace in our time." He waved it proudly after his triumphant return, no doubt also thinking that Hitler's "common humanity transcends our differences." Sadly, appeasement told Hitler that Britain was weak, and he began the slaughter and subjugation of millions.

What's frightening is that Lynch holds a central job in our national security apparatus. Her department oversees the FBI and is on the front lines of the federal government's response to terrorism and other horrific crimes. That she believes the proper response to mass murder is "unity" and "love" makes a travesty of our government's obligation to defend us from all enemies, foreign and domestic. Americans can no longer have any confidence in Loretta Lynch as attorney general. Lynch should resign immediately.

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