#Human Rights

Declaration of Human Rights

Article 25 (1) Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of his family, including food, clothing, housing and medical care and necessary social services, and the right to security in the event of unemployment, sickness, disability, widowhood, old age or other lack of livelihood in circumstances beyond his control.


Bernard "Go-Go" Pettaway by those who know and LOVE him, is the recipient of this petition and after you read his story it WILL compel you to take action along with us if you have a heart.

The purpose for this petition is to get help for our loved one who was in Harbor UCLA Hospital in The County of Los Angeles fighting for his life and in desperate need of a transplant.

Over 4 months ago Bernard Pettaway was hospitalized for severe abdominal pain and went through extensive surgery where doctors removed both his large and small intestines something we had never heard of before. This condition and surgery the doctors thought left Bernard with 48 hours to live but God heard our prayers and spared Bernard's life because it was only a miracle that he pulled through. Bernard remained in a coma for several days but we did not give up hope and eventually Bernard woke up from his coma and was able to breathe on his own.

Now for the unbelievable part of this whole situation:

Bernard has no means to eat anything by mouth or drink anything without any intestines. But there is a medical transplant that can be done to grant Bernard the opportunity to live where he will be able to eat and drink, and we have donors who are ready to be tested and who have stepped forward in this fight to help save Bernard. However, the doctors, particularly Dr. Kim at Harbor UCLA refuses to do the procedure or recommend the surgery and has since released Bernard from the hospital still without the possibility to eat or drink, this is inhumane treatment to do to anyone.

This is a injustice to Bernard who is so full of life. Dr. Kim says, “He is not a candidate or class "A" patient so the surgery is not available to him.” WHY? This is a travesty of justice and a violation of Bernard's Human Rights to just sit back and do nothing while Bernard is being denied the ability to eat and drink.

So what do the doctors suppose that we do just sit back and watch him suffer and die? Heaven forbid, the fight for justice for Bernard has just begun, will you help us fight? Will you let Bernard's voice be heard through you?

What would anyone else do if it were their loved one, give up? Of course not. We will not give up either until Bernard and millions of others like him who are not rich, socially astute in the eyes of the doctors and administrators at UCLA Harbor General and hospitals around the nation. We will not give up our fight until Bernard is granted the life saving transplant he needs to save his life and many other like him regardless of race, health care or lack thereof, patient status, background or financial status. This is a precious life!

Everyone should be given the opportunity to live with the God given right for the consumption of bread and water!!!!

Now the doctors at UCLA claim he is not medically capable to handle the surgery but for a man, who over 4 months ago was seemly on his death bed, is still alive and improving everyday justifies a reason not to just sit back and do nothing and allow him to starve and die? THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!

Dr Kim has said directly to Bernard, "I am sorry but I wished that I could do more for you but death is eminent" but oh there is something that can be done but the very doctors who took an oath to save lives and to give as much care as medically possible have now turned Bernard into the streets by releasing him without the possibility to eat or to even drink water, this is pronouncing death on a helpless man who is so full of life.

We know by Bernard defying death was so astounding for the doctors to believe and that they just were not medically prepared to meet this situation head on? or is it that they wish he had not defied death which they thought would happen sooner than later?

The medical team at UCLA are not practicing the very oath they took when becoming a doctor to give care?

We have never heard of such a thing for a doctor to give up on a patient before exhausting every effort to save the patient first.

Doctors are sworn to do everything that they can to save a life not just sit back a watch a person die and do nothing but shake their heads and through their hands up.

We are calling on you.... to help us in the fight to keep Bernard here healthy and vital able to eat and drink like you and I for as long as possible. By doing a lot of praying, circulating this petition, making phone calls, sending emails, knocking on doors, seeking help from those in public office and able to make things happen for people who do not have the resources as some we are making the statement that we are in a strong force of unity standing together to get Bernard's name and those who are in similar situations added to the transplant list for life saving surgery.

In doing so, another doctor will be able to GRANT THE OPPORTUNITY to Bernard to have a normal and productive life just as every one else. Please help us in this fight, maybe you know someone who can take this medical cause to a higher level than us, we have to do something besides allowing a man to live below the means necessary as a human being. WILL YOU HELP!!!!

We, the family and friends of Bernard Pettaway will not take this injustice and ask that the human right to live be "granted" to all people no matter their social, financial, racial or "PATIENT" status, and that doctors be held accountable to perform by their oath to save lives, it is their duty as medical professionals to do everything humanly possible to help Bernard.

Please stand with us to get Bernard on the transplant list.

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