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Bandai of America, AKI Corp. and To Whomever it may concern.
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Ultimate Muscle: Legends vs. New Generation and Ultimate Muscle: Path of a Superhero first appeared on the Nintendo Gamecube and the Nintendo Gameboy Advance. I think PS2 should get it's fair share with Ultimate Muscle, but I do not think it is fair to the GameCube Muscle fans that they should have to go and buy a new system to play a game in which the series first originated in this country on the Nintendo systems. The first installments may not have sold well, I'm not sure but now that Ultimate Muscle is more popular I should not think there would be a problem with Marketing.

So Bandai, AKI, and whomever it may concern please at least consider this and remember the loyal GCN Muscle fans who bought both games.

Bandai and AKI Corp should release Galactic Wrestling: Featuring Ultimate Muscle for the GameCube as well as the PS2.

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