UN, ECOWAS, AU, Civil Society Organizations, Religious Institutions, etc

I am grateful to all of you that participated in the electoral process from its inception until now. It's humbling to say that we didn't vote on October 10 based on an individual perspective about shaping our country, but because of how we believe Liberia can be better. In the face of economic sabotage, we believe there can be economic freedom and progressive growth.

In the face of despair, we believe there can be hope. In a political system that has shut us up and divided us for too long, we are hopeful that we can be one people, reaching out for what's possible, building a more perfect union. That's the journey of our Electoral Process!

Since the October 10, 2017 election results was announced by the National Elections Commission of Liberia, a Stay Order on has now been placed on the entire electoral process. The Stay Order was placed on the electoral process by the Supreme Court of Liberia after a complaint was filed by Liberty Party which was also supported by three other political parties namely; Unity Party, Alternative National Congress and All Liberian Party.

Yes, we do support the stand for the respect of the Law and due process, but also call for a speedy legal process as already mandated by the Supreme Court of Liberia. The slowness of the legal process has plunged our country’s economy into a disaster, increased hardship and the spread of falsify information of war, etc. This situation can stall national development, derail our awesome democracy and peace and could prevent our chance of remaking history through a peaceful transition.

We the undersigned, call on all Liberians, foreign partners, and targeted organizations to aid in whatever way possible for a speedier legal process in the ongoing alleged electoral irregularities in Liberia.
Finally, we want to remind our political leaders that the pursuit of a legal process comes with several responsibilities as our citizens are now living in fear and uncertainties. Already, the trauma of the war continues to play on the minds of many Liberians and a delay in such electoral legal process could just degenerate into fears that could not be managed.
A country that is incapable of managing the fears and expectations of its citizens cannot progress and this where we want our political leaders to critically look at and thoroughly examine their intents for legal redress.
It is our expectation that “love for country and people” will not only be at the center of any pursuit of justice during this process, but will remind our political leaders of their commitment in managing the fears of their very citizens who are now worried and frustrated over the delay of the electoral process.

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