#Local Government
Paula Burnette
United States of America

July 31, 2006

Everytime time we have a major rain storm the residents of Eljah Circle are washed away.

We are in great need of a small bridge over our creek. We are not able to enter to lower part of our road due to a dangerous wash-out. The only thing that is done about the issue is a patch up of the road and that always sinks down and will eventually cave in. This is a very dangerous situation.

If anyone comes around the curve on our road not knowing that the creek is over flowing they could easly be taken away. Not only this, but, there are openings on each side of the road that exposes the creek and if two vehicles come on the road and the same time they can easily wreck and go off the road.

A bride on Elijah Circle would make this road safer for us.

Make Elijah Circle a safer road! We want a Bridge for Elijah Circle.

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