Any gamer who invests their time in a product will likely have a list of things that, in their mind, would add replay value to their favorite video game. Marvel Avengers Alliance is no different in this respect.

While it is a great game in its own right, there are several areas, that, with the appropriate amount of fine-tuning, could catapult it to even greater heights, and further increase its fan-base.

It is my goal with this petition to address the issues that have been brought forth most frequently by members of several Facebook groups of which I am a member.

We, the undersigned, are proposing the following changes be implemented into the existing build of Marvel Avengers Alliance on Facebook:

In regard to overall gameplay, we the fans propose:

1. In the event a gold-bought item is de-powered or "nerfed" for any reason, 50% of the original cost should be returned to the buyer. These weapons are purchased 'as-is' and if for any reason, they are modified or changed without consent of the fans, it is only fair that the buyer be compensated for this loss of utility. In many cases, these de-powered weapons are slotted to armory or abandoned completely, which creates resentment and reduces our willingness to purchase additional 'limited-edition' weapons.

2. Greater emphasis should be placed on 'buffing' or upgrading existing heroes as opposed to releasing new weapons and characters. Most existing characters are required purchases now in order to unlock epic bosses or to meet the necessary criteria to unlock Spec Ops heroes. A large number of them from the original release have not seen a uniform or skill upgrade since their inception. This makes it more difficult to utilize them in different combat scenarios. Nightcrawler is a perfect example.

3. Each player should have the option of selling any items in their position for gold/silver. This includes command points and shield points. There should also be a greater payout for silver-bought weapons. 50% of the original price of the weapon should be refunded to the player, should they decide to sell a weapon back to the store. This is common practice in almost every online or console-based RPG. Additionally, the option to trade set amount of silver for one gold bar or trade one gold bar for set amount of silver should also be added.

4. Many players have expressed interest in playing as certain villain characters. I am unsure if this will be explored in later expansions of the game, but many of us would love to take control of Magneto or Mystique, both of whom have at one time or another fought alongside the X-Men.

5. Reformat the mission roulette so that it actually awards 'random' items. I'm not sure if pre-coordinated roulette items are a necessity for the game to run smoothly, but if not, the 'random' drop should be reinstated. There are far too many 'common' item drops and too small a percentage of usable items and weapons.

6. Introduce a 'virtual marketplace' where individual players can post their weapons and gear for sale or trade. This is a prominent feature in all the most popular online games, and I strongly believe bringing it to MAA would boost its ratings considerably. This has been the most highly-sought after feature according to multiple users I've spoken with across the MAA universe.

In regard to the Player vs Player facet, we the fans propose:

1. There be an option in PVP to practice battle your own team. This would be the best method to determine how the actual AI will utilize your unique weapon set and how it will likely be employed in your away-from-keyboard battles.

2. Add the option of utilizing a team of 3 heroes, as opposed to the Agent + 2 hero setup. This would add a great deal more depth and variety to PVP in general.

3. Restructure the battle system in regard to attacks with AI-defended teams. Either place a limit on the amount of attacks one person can sustain per day or remove the AI defense altogether. There are far too many instances where a player's point gains are completely negated by their lost defense battles. Even worse, they are losing more points from defense battles occurring while they are actively fighting, then they would earn in the ongoing fight. This single element of the PVP system has, in my experience, resulted in the highest number of players leaving the game. MAA lost 200K players alone since 26 December, according to appdata.com . This was likely due to PVP refresh issues and the aforementioned defense battle issue.

4. Facilitate more interaction between the players and their PVP team by allowing the player to set priorities for each of their heroes respective moves. For example, I wish to utilize Thor and Captain America in combat as my defensive team. Modern Thor begins the battle with a buff, so I would set Summon Thunder at priority 1, over his other attacks. Then I might set 'Might of Mjolnir at priority 2, and so on. That way, there is much more control over your defensive teams actions, then allowing the AI to run amok and not carry out your strategy appropriately. This is only in the event that you do not abandon the defense battles altogether, as the majority of fans, including myself, are requesting.

5. Gear that is equipped on your PVP team should be independent from gear equipped on your PVE team. Many setups that are beneficial for short PVP encounters do not carry over well to the actual game, and therefore, they should be separate. Additionally, this will prevent anyone from mistakenly entering a PVP battle without the proper gear equipped.

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