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A seven-year-old boy was today found dead inside the washroom of the Gurgaon-based Ryan International School. The Class II boy's body was discovered by a fellow school student at around 8 am in the morning - the boy was found with his throat slit and a knife near his body. After 24 hours police arrests a conductor who confesses about the brutal act. But we believe this is incorrect and conductor is just framed and demand to request a CBI enquiry for this case. A 6 year boy was found dead in the water tank in the same school one year ago and no motive or killer was found. A CBI enquiry will help to uncover all the facts . Here is the link to that brutal incident - http://indiatoday.intoday.in/story/gurgaon-7-year-old-boy-murder-throat-slit-ryan-international-school-pradyuman-thakur/1/1043732.html

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