#Students' Rights
Mrs.Pridgen, Mrs.Larson, Mr.Moore
United States of America

Every school day, it is a struggle to get to class on time. Because they make eighth graders go to the field at lunch, it makes it difficult to get back to PE. The lunch duties let us in the building through the eighth grade hall, so everyday we have to sprint back down to PE in order to not be tardy.

A lot of the eighth graders are getting very disturbed the more we have to sprint to class. A student should not have to sprint to their classroom everyday, and be on the verge of being late. A student should be able to walk to class at a good fast pace, and still have time before the bell rings to mark him/her tardy.

We the students of Mr.Rinella's 5th hour class call upon the Wasilla Middle School office to allow 5th hour PE students to enter the building after lunch through the doors the band students go through; and without yellow passes.

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