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5 bills the new Democratic House to pass in their first 100 days to prove to the people who elected them that they are keeping their campaign promises.
1a A bill to raise the federal minimun wage to $15.00.
1b A bill overturning Trump repealed rules concerning overtime pay.
2 A bill strengthening the Affordable Care Act, expand its coverage, patch the holes the Trump Admin. punched in it.
3 A bill to restore the Voting R ights Act and reverse Republican voter suppression efforts.
4 a simple, non porked up infrastructure bill funding brideges and roads, air ports and mass transit, clean energy and new schools.
5 A bill granting legal status to immigrant children known as dreamers.
Trump has promised to sign such a bill but has not.
This is only for the first hundred days. There's 630 days remaining to tackle everything else. These 5 things will establish a solid base and send a message that they are true to their campaign promises.


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