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After the recent success achieved by our national team, I’m asking our football association of WALES to re-invest the financial gains from the recent success achieved by our national team by installing 4G pitches on as many mini and junior football pitches in Wales.

I'm hoping that our FAW will now see that re-investment into our grassroots football by installing these 4G pitches, will then further lay the foundations for our continued success in the future. This will not only give each and every grassroots player the chance to play at least 40% more football during the season - it'll also give each grassroots teams a better chance of retaining player participation during the season by not having to go for an 8 week period of not even kicking a ball - of which player numbers drop.... FACT.

We as coaches of the grassroots game often see numbers drop by 10% per 2 week period of no football. With our climate as it is and as it always will be - this will never change unless these pitches are installed all over Wales.

The time to act is now - let's get a major advantage over all of our home nations and give every mini and junior child in Wales the chance to benefit from our recent success.

We the undersigned ask our Football Association of Wales to re-invest in the future success of our national team by installing 4G pitches on all mini and junior football grounds in Wales.

This will guarantee an improvement in grassroots football for Wales and lay foundations for our future success by ensuring player participation at this level week-in-week-out.

Please we as a nation ask you to consider this with great thought and make a legacy that the team in our Euro 16' campaign can always be remembered for.

The time to act is now. #togetherstronger

The 4G PITCHES FOR WALES petition to FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION OF WALES (FAW) was written by Craig Rattenbury and is in the category Football at GoPetition.

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