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Burwood Council

Developers want to build two 40+ storey towers right in the middle of Burwood at the Plaza. That's more than twice the height of any any nearby buildings in our rapidly changing skyline!

Plans to build the new metro line are years off, and meanwhile our local parks and streets are already struggling to keep up with demand.

Under this proposal a paltry 2,200 square metres of green space would be added in exchange for 1,100 new apartments. That's only 2 square metres of new park per dwelling!

Burwood already has one of the lowest levels of nearby parkland per person in Sydney - this will only make things worse!

UPDATE - A Development Application has now been lodged with Burwood Council and our community must respond to plans for a major overdevelopment of the Burwood Plaza site.

We call upon Burwood Council's planners to reject the DA for 42-50 and 52-60 Railway Parade, Wynne Avenue and Clarendon Place, Burwood.

As a strategic centre we acknowledge Burwood will continue to grow but developers must not be allowed to increase the current building height limits by more than double to 136 & 144 metres above Burwood Plaza.

Where height limits are increased it must be in exchange for much needed community infrastructure, not just developer cash, a few extra parking spaces and a token park.

We believe that council should go back to the drawing board and find a new proposal for the Burwood Plaza site.

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