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New Mexico Department of Transportation
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On June 11, 2016, 21 yr old Brandon Summers died as a result of a two vehicle accident that took place at the intersection of NM 467 and US Hwy 60/84 as he was attempting to cross traffic heading northbound on NM 467. On Feb 1, 2019, 20 yr old Brittany Kanmore was involved in a near fatal two vehicle accident at the same intersection as she was turning southbound onto NM 467 from the westbound lane of Hwy 60/84 and as a result, she is now in a Lubbock, TX hospital ICU, fighting for her life with a DAI (form of Traumatic Brain Injury).

We, the citizens of Curry County, NM request that a 4-way Traffic Signal be installed at the intersection of US HWY 60/84 and NM 467. Over the past three years, there have been several serious vehicle accidents; one was fatal and the other leaving a young woman with a serious Traumatic Brain Injury. Both victims in both accidents, happened to be struck by vehicles traveling in the Eastbound lane of US Hwy 60/84.

Traffic increased with the Northbound lane of NM 467 opening in 2016, the increased traffic from Cannon Air Force Base, and the increased traffic during the seasons that Casel Land Fun Center is open; this intersection has become more and more dangerous. The time of day also plays a role in how dangerous the intersection can get. At the end of the day when the sun is setting, it is especially difficult to see any eastbound traffic when you are in the westbound traffic turning lane, turning south on to NM 467, especially if there is a vehicle in the eastbound turning lane, turning north on NM 467.

We ask that a Traffic Light be installed at this intersection to make it safer for vehicles attempting all directions of travel. Please review all comments made by the citizens who have signed this petition, as we all want our voices to be heard.

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