#Roads & Transport
State of Alabama, Autauga County,
United States of America

There have been numerous accidents with fatalities at the Intersection of Hwy 31 and CR 20. Our kids utilize this Intersection daily to get to school and home.

Hwy 31 is a State Hwy in which oversized vehicles, log trucks, dump trucks, cars and trucks proceed on at 55mph or greater.

We've lost too many kids to allow this to stay open highway with no caution light for warning or stop signs to interrupt speed.

We, the residents of Marbury, AL and the citizens that travel State Hwy 31 and Autauga County Road 20, petition for a 4-way stop at the intersection of said hwy and county road due to the fatal accidents and frequent near misses at the intersection.

This is a very busy highway that happens to run through several school areas where traffic gets very busy.

The store on the coner has no real boundaries as to parking which allows the sights to be blocked by vehicles parking in "off site" areas and the oncoming vehicles are traveling at the 55 mph speed limit or above can not react in time to avoid an accident if someone is proceeding from the stop signs in place.

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