Cardiff Business School
United Kingdom

It is the belief of the current student panel that there are motivation issues imposed by the current limitations of the existing grading system. The 'Just Pass' mind-set is not productive and should be discouraged with adequate institutional framework.
The MBA program is designed to propel individuals into a work environment and as such it is strongly believed that in extremely competitive job markets, recognition should be extended to those that achieve a greater quality of academic output.


- Students must achieve 150 credits with an overall average of 50% and with no mark below 40% in up to 4 modules

- Students that fail more than 4 modules will be required to re-sit all failed modules including those that are within the condonable range

- Students who fail to achieve 150 credits will be permitted to re-sit a maximum of 5 modules in September. Students that fail 6 or more modules will be required to re-sit in the following academic year.

- Distinction will be awarded to those that achieve an overall average of 70% and at least 70% in the project.

This Petition recommends that a middle tier be introduced.

A Merit should be awarded to those that achieve an overall average of 60% and at least 60% in the project.

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