Republican National Committee
United States of America

Increasingly, Republican candidates accept financial support from the Party, but then vote against the very values that define us.

The Party often supports incumbants regardless of whether their voting record reflects the goals of the rank and file Republican party member.

Therefore, it's something of a crap shoot as to whether your dollar is actually promoting your values when you contribute.

This simple 3-point plan calls for fiscal accountability on the part of both the candidate and the Party.

We, the undersigned, call on the Republican National Committee to implement the following 3-point plan to reform the Party:

1. Define and clearly state the core values of the Party, namely:
(a) Fiscal conservatism
(b) Protect and defend the Constitution
(c) Limited government intervention
(d) Pro-Life

2. If a Republican congressperson has a voting record that is inconsistent with these core values, the Party will not contribute to his/her re-election campaign.

3. If a Republican leaves the Party mid-term, or has a voting record inconsistent with these core values, the Party will sue him/her for the amount that the Party contributed to his/her campaign.

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