#Law Reform
State of Pennsylvanias Lawmakers
United States of America

In the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, prisons are overcrowded and costs are soaring.

Lawmakers have refused to address inmates that have served long sentences. Inmates that have served 25 years and have reached the age of 50, convicted in the second degree ought not to be forgotten by society.

The State of Pennsylvania formed a Commission and studied 25/50 inmates 2 years ago and nothing has been done yet.

We, the undersigned,call on the People of Pennsylvania, to take action. The People Are Called on by this fellow taxpayer, to make a stand against the Inept Government.

Review by Pennsylvania Parole Board for Inmates That have served 25 years and reached the age of 50. The Pa. lawmakers will not address this issue and have refused to answer this tax payer for 3 years now. Any inmate convicted before 1997, in the second degree, with good time served get a mandatory review by the Parole board.

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