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In 2011 the Bowls Victoria Pennant Committee changed the length of Saturday pennant matches in Metropolitan Melbourne from 100 ends to 84 ends (from 25 ends per rink to 21). Players were not consulted and the move has not resulted in an increase in participation nor an increase in socialising after matches as was purported.

By and large the bowlers of Metropolitan Melbourne do not agree with this change and want Saturday Pennant reverted to 100 ends.

We, the undersigned, call on Bowls Victoria and the Bowls Victoria Pennant Committee to revert the length of Saturday Pennant matches in Metropolitan Melbourne back to 100 ends from the current 84 ends.

Further, any future change in conditions of play such as the match length are to be made only after extensive consultation with the bowling community to be affected.

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The 25 ends for Melbourne Metro Pennant petition to Bowls Victoria was written by Michael Walker and is in the category Sports at GoPetition.

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