#Human Rights
Ministry of Manpower (MOM)

Social changes remain unattainable until you take part in the action. The Singapore government has attempted in many ways to build protections for its foreign domestic workers (FDW); however, it has never been sufficient! These regulations are remarkable for what was absent as there are many gaps that can potentially undermine the protective measures laid and there are still many clauses that can, but have yet to be enacted into the law.

There are still 59% of foreign domestic workers who are not given their weekly day-off, according to a survey done by the Transient Workers Count Too (TWC2).

People are against myself and my fellow advocates for human rights because they assume we campaign for FDWs over employers. However, what we are saying is that FDWs should be entitled to the same rights as every other worker in society because they are human beings and not tools that can be overworked to our liking.

We need to work as a society to address this issue of the right to rest which makes the FDW community vulnerable to being victims of discrimination and abuse. We are here to educate and provide you with information about human and worker rights so that we are all aware of the collective responsibility to deal with this issue.

Right now, there is this whole group of people in our home that are still not shown the respect to uphold these rights. Hence, we are here to help them fight for what they inherently should have. If you agree that FDWs are humans and that the right to rest for 24 hours must be made compulsory under the Employment Act, please take a moment to sign and share this petition that is asking for Equal Rights of Workers that include the FDWs which will help us build a safer and better environment for FDWs in Singapore.

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