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Queens Borough President / Community Board 9
United States of America

In February 2016 a petition was submitted to Community Board 9 Queens requesting a traffic survey and resolution of the dangerous traffic conditions and horrible parking conditions on 116th Street in Kew Gardens. The DOT completed more than one traffic survey on 116th Street and recommended changes for the safety of the Community. These changes included speed humps, redirection of traffic to one way and return of well over 25 parking spaces from No Standing Zones to legal parking. Community Board 9 Queens voted to oppose the first of these safety recommendations by the DOT based on a single-family home owner complaining that brake squealing would disrupt their peace on 116th Street.

Community Board 9 Queens places safety second.

Kew Gardens is a diverse community of renters, coop/condo owners and home owners. All deserve an equal vote and representation in matters of importance.

Community Board 9 has responded wrongly to the request of a few home owners and denied the renter, coop/condo owners their representation in spite of their signed petition. Tell Community Board 9 that all Kew Gardens residents without regard to whether they own or rent have a voice and vote.

1. Implement ALL DOT recommended safety measures for 116th Street in Kew Gardens.

2. Restore ALL available parking spaces to the community.

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