Alderman Burnett and Local Community Organizations that review development proposals
United States of America

This petition will be given to Alderman Walter Burnett - Alderman of the 27th Ward.

He is tasked with granting the zoning change in Chicago's West Loop community.

The petition will also be given to local community groups that review development proposals.

We, the undersigned, favor allowing local residents to purchase the lot located at 111 S. Peoria for use as a community center using private money and fundraising.

I oppose the revised proposed development at 111 S. Peoria that calls for a zoning change to construct a 115 foot building (nearly 12 stories) that will block the community's view of the skyline looking east while standing in Mary Bartelme Park.

I understand that by not granting the speculators/developers' requested zoning change, residents will put together a feasibility study, fundraising and other action plans to build a community center at 111 S. Peoria.

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