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Fact: The Temple Mount is the holiest Jewish site on earth.
Fact: The Temple Mount is the only place in Israel where Jews are arrested for praying or even holding religious symbols or holy objects.
Fact: The Temple Mount is under full Muslim control and Israeli Police takes dictates from the Muslim WAKF.
Fact: Muslims use the Temple Mount as a platform for anti-Jewish riots and propaganda.

Question 1: How can Israel claim to take a strong stance against terror when it allows Muslim fanatics to rule the Temple Mount?
Question 2: How can Israel claim to be a "Jewish and Democratic State" when it denies religious freedom to Jews on the Temple Mount?
Question 3: How can Israel protest Antisemitism worldwide when the Jewish State itself oppresses Jews on the Temple Mount.
Question 4: How can the Jewish State claim Jerusalem as its "Untied Capital" when the Jewish police force of Israel arrests Jews for praying on the holiest site in Jerusalem, the Temple Mount?

To the Prime Minister of Israel: Benjamin Netanyahu

We Jews and supporters of Israel from across the world appeal to you and the Israeli Government to begin exercising full Israeli-Jewish sovereignty on the Jewish Mount immediately!

1. Stop Restrictions against Jews on the Temple Mount.
a. Permit Jews to ascend the Temple Mount via all 11 Temple Mount gates.
b. Permit Jews to ascend the Temple Mount 24 hours a day, 7 days a week all year.
c. Permit Jews to pray and worship with holy objects on the Temple Mount.
d. Permit Jews to build and maintain an altar (מזבח) on the Temple Mount

2. Muslim Rule on the Temple Mount.
a. Revoke the authority of the Muslim WAKF.
b. Ban all Islamic political symbols from the Temple Mount including banners and flags.
c. Silence and remove the Muslim loudspeakers affixed on the Temple Mount.
d Restore the keys to all Temple Mount gates to Jewish hands.
e. Revoke Muslim entry to the Temple Mount on Jewish holy days.

3. Jewish Rule on the Temple Mount.
a. Recognize the Joint Staff for the Temple Mount Movements (המטה המשותף לתנועות המקדש) as the sole official body responsible for the religious oversight and visitation to the Temple Mount.
b. Designate the Temple Mount as the number one Jewish-Israeli heritage site.
c. Designate government funds to strengthen Jewish connection to the Temple Mount, including the building of new modern religious ritual baths (מקוואות) to facilitate easier Jewish entry into the Temple Mount.

As the representative body of the Jewish People, the State of Israel has an absolute obligation to protect the sanctity of the Temple Mount, the holiest site to Judaism.

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