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Arefeh Nabavi student activist and graduate student deprived of education was born in 1984. She was arrested in June of last year during the mass arrests that ensued after the presidential elections.


Atefeh Nabavi was arrested along with her cousin Ziaeldin Nabavi and six of their other friends on On June 15th, 2010 at her residence. After her arrest she was transferred to ward 209 at Evin prison where she spend 95 days of her detention under severe physical and psychological pressure in solitary confinement. She was then transferred to the Methadone ward a quarantine ward for female political prisoners and was eventually transferred to the women’s general ward at Evin.

Charges and sentences

In December of 2010, Atefeh Nabavi was sentenced to 4 years imprisonment by the 12th Branch of the Revolutionary Court presided by Judge Ghomi. Nabavi was charged with: “contact with the Mojahedin Khalgh (MKO) and participation in the protests of June 15th, 2009″ a widespread protest against Ahmadinejad’s government in Iran.

The activities of her relatives abroad were the cause of the charges brought against her. Nabavi’s lawyer Nasrin Sotudeh made the following statement regarding this matter: “In Atefeh’s case, it is apparent that the interrogation she endured and the charges filed against her were mainly due to her family associations. Most of the questions she was asked during her interrogation were regarding her uncle’s activities abroad. In addition, Atefeh’s case file did not include any confessions. Trying and charging a person based on family relation is in contradiction to the “criminal and punishment ” laws everywhere in the world.”

Nasrin Sotudeh also added” “The only charge based on which my client can be taken to court is participation in the June 15th demonstrations in which nearly four million other people came out and protested, and based on Article 27 of the constitution was not illegal by any means.”

Follow Up

After enduring three months in solitary confinement and eventually being transferred to the general ward at Evin, on May 23rd, 2009, Nabavi was summoned to the prosecutor’s office at Evin in order to finalize her case file. A day later, on May 24th, a couple of days after the execution of her cellmate “Shirin Alam Hooli” she was once again transferred from the general ward to Evin’s ward 209 in order to be interrogated.

On November 7th, 2010 Nabavi was transferred to Methadone ward along with several other female political prisoners. The Methadone ward is generally used for dangerous criminals, including drug addicts. It consists of a closed hall no larger than 30 to 35 meters. Prisoners held in the Methadone ward are only provided access to fresh air for less than one hour a day. They are also deprived from books and using the prison library and banned from telephone privileges. The prisoners are deprived of face to face visitation with their families, visiting with them from behind a booth.

* Political Prisoners Taken for Interrogation in the Middle of the Night.

* Atefeh Nabavi’s Letter to the Prisoners on Hunger Strike: We Honor Your Perseverance.

Free Atefeh Nabavi.

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