Close Elmfield School for Deaf Children and Cut in Youth Services
United Kingdom

We need to keep the Elmfield School open and the Youth Services in the Centre for Deaf People. The young people are our future and we need to keep this going. There are lots of issues can be bring up in the next 10 years if we do not do anything. Below there is a hard fact of what would happens:

Deaf and hard of hearing young people in special schools "had more opportunities to develop interpersonal relations... in contrast to the graduates of mainstream schools, who appeared to be isolated from their environment." (p. 481). It also found that "...students at mainstream schools often experience marginalization because of their difficulties in communicating with their teachers and classmates, which did not happen at the school for the deaf." (p.482). These two factors combined for mainstream pupils seemed to give the result that "their identity and self-esteem were influenced negatively."

"The estimated prevalence rate (of psychiatric disorder) for the HIU population is 57-60.9% or over twice the prevalence in an equivalent hearing population and approximately one and a half times that of the Deaf School group (33-42.4%)". So, basically, deaf kids in mainstream school suffer more mental health problems than deaf kids in Deaf schools, and more mental health problems than their hearing peers.

Bristol City Council are threatening to close Elmfield and Youth Services in Centre for Deaf People. The University of Bristol is making cuts and so is affecting the Centre for Deaf Studies. But the CDS has NOT been issued with a notice of closure. The BSc programme is being withdrawn and is teaching out at the moment. It will close in 2013. This is a treble attack on the Deaf community.

There could be many more Deaf Organisation to be threatening, we need to get all Deaf and Hearing people together and fight this.

We all need fight this. Deaf Community is dying! If we lose the Youth, the next generation will suffer!

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