London Borough of Barnet Council
United Kingdom

Barnet Council proposes to withdraw all funding for Barnet Museum from 1 April 2011.

The museum was established in 1938 to house Barnet and District Local History Society's extensive collection and provides a centre for Barnet studies for all age groups and for enquirers from all over the world. It is entirely staffed by volunteers many of whom have a great deal of local knowledge and is an irreplaceable, Barnet resource for local schools and neighbouring Barnet College.

We believe that the museum belongs in the historic town of Barnet and should remain there with its dedicated staff.

We the undersigned support the continued use of 31 Wood Street, Barnet as the Barnet Museum, to allow the Barnet & District Local History Society's considerable collection to be properly displayed and accessible to both the local community and the wider world.

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