MTV Networks Africa

MTV Networks Africa & Zain, a major Telecommunications company which operates in different countries in Africa, are the organiser and title sponsor of the MTV Africa Music Awards (MAMA's) respectively.

The television commercial promoting the MAMA's, ends with a slogan that claims that the MAMA's platform is 'giving Africa a voice'. This is an outright lie which is being peddled to the millions of adolescent Africans whose entire worldview is formed by what they see and hear on MTV. Being fed regularly with the idea that Africa does not have a voice outside of the MAMA's platform, is detrimental to their individual development and their sense of identity as Africans.

The objective of this Petition, is to get MTV & Zain to change that slogan, in lieu of the potential damage it can cause to the future generation of Africans who at this point believe that statement is the truth.

We, the undersigned, call on MTV Networks Africa and Zain, to change the slogan attached to the promotion of the MTV Africa Music Awards (MAMA's). We jointly declare that the current slogan, which states that the MAMA's platform is 'giving Africa a voice', is a blatant lie and an insult to our pride as young Africans with voices, which were NOT given to us by the MAMA's.

We want these corporate giants to STOP deceiving the young, impressionable African adolescents, who accept everything they see and hear on MTV, as truth.

We also want MTV Networks Africa & Zain to henceforth generate and broadcast new Content that will bring a re-orientation to the minds of the viewers and help them develop a sense of pride in being African. These new Content must also teach African adolescents how to find and develop their own individual voices and use them for positive change.
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