High Park Advisory Committee or interested party

We submit this petition so that by-law signs may be legally posted as required in the South End of High Park in Toronto; in order to stop riders of bicycles from going through an environmentally sensitive area where bike ramps have illegally been erected; further that these ramps are attracting riders who are inconsiderate of other users of the park; further that by-laws applicable to this area of the park have not been enforced; further that signs have not been placed prohibiting use of bicycles or erecting ramps for the same.

We, the undersigned, call on the High Park Advisory Committee and all interested parties in the City and Municipality of Toronto Parks and Recreation to recognize the need for a sign prohibiting the riding of bicycles to reduce and eliminate damage to the ecologically sensitive south end of High Park; further a sign prohibiting the creation and maintenance of bicycle ramps is also needed to protect this environmentally sensitive area.

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