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Since 2007, we (the Halton Stars Cricket Club and Burlington United Cricket Club) and City Park and Recreation staff have been meeting regarding the Cricket ground and the potential opportunity to develop the first cricket pitch in Burlington. The local clubs currently participate in the Etobicoke District Cricket League (EDCL) and the Hamilton District Cricket League (HDCL) and travel long distance (Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Brantford, and St. Catherine) to play cricket.

Both leagues are sanctioned through the Ontario Cricket Association (OCA). Over the past two and a half years, representatives from the Burlington United Cricket Club (BUCC) and the Halton Stars Cricket Club (HSCC) have met with city staff to review locations, discuss specific requirements and details for the development of a cricket field as well as cost sharing opportunities.

Cricket is played competitively at a regional league level. BUCC and HSCC have indicated that a local pitch will allow for the development of youth programs at the local level. (Burlington United C.C) (Halton Stars C.C)

Develop a Cricket field in Burlington for the local community youth and adult to play cricket, support and encourage health, wellness and active living by all residents and contribute directly to the exceptional quality of life enjoyed by Burlington Citizen.

We, the undersigned, call on the City of Burlington to develop a cricket Field in Burlington.

By signing this petition you show your support for development of this worthy project in Burlington. This interest will raise awareness of for the city, local cricket clubs, and the sport of cricket in the community.

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