BC Ferries Corporation and the Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure for British Columbia

BC Ferries Corporation (BCFC) has announced its intention to close off public access to the only floating dock in Langdale Terminal on 15 October 2009. BCFC has cited safety, liability and security concerns as its reasons for closing the dock.

Langdale’s Route 13 small boat drop-off & pick-up dock has been shared with a foot-passenger ferry serving Keats and Gambier Islands for more than 50 years without injury or loss. Its closure will cause hardship for island residents, cottage owners and boaters who travel within West Howe Sound.

BCFC Float Prohibition Sign

• This petition is for anyone in West Howe Sound or elsewhere who requires access to Langdale Terminal by private boat or water taxi to meet a BC Ferry, use the Sunshine Coast bus service, or access a car in the Langdale parking lot.

• This petition is for anyone who has ever attended, or whose children may one day enjoy, the summer camps located on the islands of West Howe Sound.

• This petition is for those who need to transport employees, inspectors, contractors, service personnel, etc. whose schedules do not match the limited Stormaway timetable.

• This petition is for anyone in West Howe Sound who needs to move tools, goods and hazardous materials (e.g. fuel) not permitted on the Route 13 foot passenger ferry service.

• This petition addresses the essential service needs of Howe Sound communities not serviced by the local Keats & Gambier (MV Stormaway III) ferry service.

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We, the undersigned, call upon BCFC to keep open, and the British Columbia Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure to require BCFC to keep open, the BC Ferry Route 13 Langdale dock for the public beyond 15 October 2009. This will allow passengers of local water taxis and private boats to continue to share the Route 13 access ramp and walkways to the shore, terminal entrance and parking lot.

We propose:

• that the West Howe Sound communities undertake a public education program reminding boaters to observe a safe distance from BCFC vessels in and near Langdale Terminal.

• that BCFC establish and mark a safe small-boat channel in the approaches to Langdale Terminal.

• that the Minister endorse the Sunshine Coast Regional District’s request that BCFC attend meetings with a goal of maintaining access to the Langdale Terminal float.

• that BCFC attend such meetings with the clear objective of maintaining such public access at Langdale Terminal.
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