Indiana: While the G20 are divided on the use of external military force in Syria, many U.S. citizens are making direct protests against any such action by U.S. military forces.

In one such campaign at GoPetition, Jeff Ready has started a campaign in the following terms:

At the request of President Obama, the United States Congress is set to debate and vote on a bill authorizing the President to take military action in Syria.

While the horrors of this civil war are terrible, the United States has not been attacked and should not get involved. There are no "good guys" in this fight. On one side is Syrian President Assad, supported by Iran.

On the other side are the rebel forces, including factions of Al-Qaeda terrorists who seek the overthrow of the United States and other western governments.

We should not spend American dollars or risk American lives in this civil war.

Ready asks U.S. citizens and supporters to agree to the follwing petition text:

"We, the undersigned, call on Congress to oppose any proposed U.S. military action in Syria and to reject any authorization of force that would give the President authority to engage in this war."

As of yesterday, the US state department has ordered non-emergency US personnel to leave Lebanon and has approved voluntary evacuation from southern Turkey.

The state department cited "current tensions in the region" but did not specifically mention Syria.

President Obama has called on Congress to authorise US military action in Syria. Whether the resolution will get to his desk - or fail is a matter of extreme impotance for Middle East relations.

The petition calling for a No vote can be signed here.