Commencing her campaign last month, Rebecca Agius called on the Department of National Parks, Recreation, Sport, and Racing to reinstate the camping sites on the right hand side of the road leading to Upper Stoney Creek, as the closure of such sites would adversely affect the enjoyment of many locals and visitors to the region who wish to camp at this iconic local attraction.

This week Ms Agius has been able to report, Thank you all for signing my petition and congratulations. We won.

She has reported that the QPWS Principle Ranger and Senior Project Officer associated with the Upper Stoney project agreed to meet with her so that she could lay out her concerns, at which point she took the opportunity to present them with every single petition comment from her GoPetition campaign - all 10 pages worth! The project officers calmly listened to her concerns and seemed to agree with some of what she was saying but did not give any indication of changing their original plans for the site.

Agius asked that the officers give the community an open forum to give opinions on the project and they gave an answer that they were open to such an occurence but would have to check with higher management. A few days later she received a phone call to say that they agreed that both sides of the road should be permanently reopened to camping (albeit this won't happen immediately). She has since received this promise in writing from the Principle Ranger:

"The Upper Stony camping area will provide permanent camping facilities on both sides of the main access road. These camping areas will contain the standard QPWS fire rings."

Agius, in a comment on her petition, stated, "I would like to personally thank all signatories. Your support got this over the line - well done!"

Story compiled by J. Pope