News Release from the United Kingdom:

The coalition government has demonstrated that it has absolutely NO respect for our armed forces or essential services such as the police, fire and NHS through the massive cuts in their budgets.

Yet they can throw away £20 Billion on loans to Greece through the IMF to shore up the euro which will never, ever be repaid as Greece and the euro are bankrupt. In addition, the coalition‘s decision to route repatriated servicemen’s coffins from Brize Norton through the back streets is the ultimate insult to our dead heroes, their families, and their regiments. They have through their long commitment to the EU proved they also have no respect for the Commonwealth.

Therefore, why should the Conservative, Lib Dem and Labour parties be able to flaunt their hypocrisy at the Remembrance Day Parade which honours the British and Commonwealth forces who died to preserve our freedom? A freedom which these same parties have thrown away at enormous cost to Britain and the Commonwealth.

Please sign the Petition HERE (link to the signature section on the petition) to take politics out of the Remembrance day Parade or read the full petition HERE.

Thank you.

Lt Cdr Jeremy Wraith RNR (Retd)