We are in desperate need to spread the word on this petition to gather Iraqi and world citizen voices to stop US Congress from Partitioning Iraq. Our petition campaign can be view here and we will be submitting our signature list this coming Monday to the US Congress to urge them to drop Senato Biden's amendment to "soft partition" Iraq from the FY08 Defence Authorization Bill.

A Committee vote can be taking a place as early as next week. So far we have gathered almost 200 signatures in the last 24 hours but we need all the help we can get to spread the word.

couple of weeks ago on n September 26th 2007 an overwhelming majority of US Senates voted to pass Senator Biden’s amendment to PARTITION IRAQ along SECTARIAN and ETHNIC lines into three different federalist regions. The vote passed with overwhelming support of 75 to 23.

We are a group of Iraqis, some are Iraqi-Americans, living in the Greater Washington DC Area committed to peace, equality, and unity of Iraq are alarmed by the recent Biden resolution in the Senate to 'soft partition' of Iraq. We have decided to issue the attached letter to US Congress expressing our disagreement this colonial action to impose a partition of Iraq without allowing the Iraqi people to decide for themselves.

If you are an Iraqi, or of Iraqi descent or heritage, or a world citizen and wish to support the statement please urgently indicate your sponsorship and support the call of the Iraqi voices.