North Ayrshire Council wants to kill reindeer. The council’s assistant chief executive has ordered the removal of a reindeer shelter by 30th December 2009. Council believes that reindeer do not require any form of shelter or protection from the weather.

In response, Paul Gibson, a local resident has started a petition to allow the reindeer to have a shelter and a home that can protect them from the high winds/rain and direct sunlight.

Mr Gibson says that, “If the shelters are removed then it leaves the Reindeer Centre in Ayrshire open to prosecution under the Animal Welfare Act and closure will cause the reindeer harm.”

As a supporter if the Reindeer Centre, Mr Gibson wants to see the Council take a more reasonable attitude to the situation. The centre hopes to expand and employ over 20 staff with an education establishment, conference facilities and a restaurant, but Council have frustrated this development.

To sign the petition click here.

John Pope for GoPetition