Today, concerned citizens and sports fans have launched an important campaign, Save Hollywood Park.

Hollywood Park is an important historic landmark in Inglewood, California. It is without question, the Crown Jewel of the city. Founded by Jack Warner (of Warner Bros. fame) in 1938, it has provided the the local economy with good, union jobs, given the City of Inglewood and State of California a world class horse racing venue and a sense of pride.

Hollywood Park is part of the $5 billion horse industry of the State of California. Not only is saving Hollywood Park important for preserving history, saving it will preserve very good income to the local economy and the State. In addition, by preserving Hollywood Park as a horse racing and training facility, the urban sprawl which would result from it's destruction would be prevented.

Specifically, campaign organizers are asking the City of Inglewood to refuse any zoning change that would compromise Hollywood Park. Rather, Hollywood Park should be preserved as a horse racing and horse training facility.

The full petition details can be viewed here.

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