Washington, DC and Berlin: The Save Ariana-Leilani Coalition has launched a campaign to save the life of 9-year old Ariana-Leilani King-Pfeiffer. Ariana-Leilani is a dual USA/German citizen currently in Washington DC. Ariana-Leilani is being denied the only non-surgical treatment, a life-saving medicine, “neupogen” (that is free to her) for her rare blood and bone marrow disease, called Severe Chronic Neutropenia (SCN). The consequences of the inhumane failure to give her neupogen are that she can die from a common infection that is deadly for her.

Dr. Robert Sklaroff, MD a hematologist/oncologist for almost 40 years in an affidavit, claimed: “It shock the conscious that these problems persist” for Ariana-Leilani after he made several mandated reports to Washington, DC child protective services.


Professor Dr. David Dale, MD the Co-Director of the Severe Chronic Neutropenia International Registry in the USA, assert that Ariana-Leilani untreated SCN causes “Toxic shock, loss of limbs or loss of life.”
Professor Dr. Karl H. Welte, MD the Co-Director of the SCNIR in Germany, is the scientific founder of the medicine, G-CSF hormone (known as “neupogen”).  Prof. Dr. Welte has warned in no uncertain terms that to deny Ariana-Leilani G-SCF medicine, that is free to her, causing her death is malpractice.
The German Government through the German Embassy, after all attempts have failed, has requested US Government authorities for help in getting “a independent full medical examination for Ariana-Leilani.” After two year since the request was given, the US Government has taken no action to date to protect Ariana-Leilani.
Ariana-Leilani’s right to live is a fundamental universal human right.  Help save Ariana-Leilani’s life today! Sign Ariana-Leilani’s petition today at http://sign.ariana-leilani.org

The exact petition text is as follows:

"Dear President Obama and Chancellor Merkel:

Eight year old, Ariana-Leilani has a life-threatening untreated very rare blood disorder of suspicious origin, Severe Chronic Neutropenia. She urgently needs available medicine and a toxicology test to protect her life from unnecessary danger of potentially fatal infection that include toxic shock, loss of limbs or loss of life. Ariana-Leilani is a dual German and American citizen, currently in Washington, DC (USA).

We, the undersigned ask that she be given the medicine and medical care she needs to stay alive. Save Ariana-Leilani! See detailed information here."

Story by: Ariana-Leilani Coalition

Photo: Ariana-Leilani and President George W. Bush