John Clayton and families living on Ivy Road, Norwich, are against plans for a care home on the former Bowthorpe School site. Plans have been submitted for a massive care home in the city - but families living nearby fear it could cause problems in the area.

City-based developers Dencora want to build a two-storey 94-bed care home and several offices in Ivy Road, Bowthorpe.

However, a petition has been launched against the proposals by families who fear the size of the building will be over-bearing and that it will create traffic problems in the area, especially with the new fire station nearby.

There are also concerns over proposals to cut down a large tree which is currently situated on the edge of the site.

Ivy Road resident John Clayton said: “We are not against having a care home here and think it is a good idea but myself and other people are shocked by aspects of the proposal and very worried about its consequences. They intend to cut down a beautiful tree opposite our homes and put an office in its place. We feel this is quite unnecessary and we question the need for the office and why the tree cannot be accommodated being near the corner edge of the site.

“There will be a lot of traffic along Ivy Road and at the Bowthorpe Road junction from residents, staff and workers, service vehicles and relatives.

“The entrance to the care home is close to the fire station, and could result in fire engines needing to use their sirens regularly by our homes. We feel it will greatly impact traffic queuing times, parking, pedestrian and road safety. We are seeking amendments to the planning application, such as saving the tree and reducing the size of the care home with improved access and parking.”

Fellow resident Judith Holland, 40, said: “I do think the care home is good because it provides a much needed service as well as local jobs but I think the traffic and noise it will create is a problem.” Ward representative Rupert Read, has added his support to the campaign, saying: “There are several aspects to this scheme which don't seem to have been thought through properly.”

The land is under control of the North Earlham, Larkman and Marlpit Development Trust, which has sold it to the developers. David Ralph, chief executive of NELM, said: “They have every right to get together a petition and I am pleased they are taking part in the democratic process.

“We sold the land to Dencora and I would not say it is bigger than we thought it would be.”

The on-line petition can be signed at

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Source: Evening News 24