Colette Murphy and Jo Hart, children's rights activists from London, UK, and both bereaved mums, have launched an important campaign to call on the Government, Dept of Health and NICE to improve Maternity Care and reduce the number of babies dying everyday in the UK. The campaign at GoPetition has already gained critical attention. Colette and Jo have submiited the following thoughts to help people focus on this important cause:

“Sixteen jumbo jets crash killing everyone on board, 6500 lives lost”– can you imagine that headline - everyone would be talking about it there would be a public outcry. Well, in the UK, at least 17 babies die everyday, that is everyday, almost 6500 babies every year, where is the public outcry, there is none because they are babies, there are only platitudes and promises the next time will be different.

We want everyone to listen to the many families who have suffered the utter devastation of the death of their baby.  

The devastating impact of baby deaths should not be underestimated. Three brief quotes from bereaved mums whose lives have changed forever are outlined below:  

“Archie is our beautiful angel and we will miss him so much.” - Kym Marsh  

“Walking away from the maternity hospital after being told your beautiful baby has died, is the longest walk you will every have to make, words and thoughts stop! Life stops. Words have no meaning I can not describe the array of emotions you experience with every painful step, you begin to realise that you will never hear your baby's first cry, your heart will forever bear the scars, of a mother whose child has passed away.” – A bereaved Mum  

“With regard to the review on Guidelines on Antenatal/Maternity Care, I personally believe that it is time now for NICE to sit up and listen to real people and not just to look at an inflexible uniform cost cutting conveyor belt system of antenatal care. I am happy to show my support and to be a voice for all women who use the service. Women should be able to have more scans, tests, choice and to feel safe and secure when pregnant, NICE needs to take into consideration when doing the review that it cannot be all about money but about real lives, real people and real futures. NICE needs to listen to us, to our voices. I am one of the voices.” – Sonique  

We need society to understand that the parents whose lives are ripped apart because their baby dies, it is not only their baby that dies but also a future. Life will never be the same for those parents, families and friends; their lives will be changed forever. They are parents with empty arms and a lost future. This outrage has to stop and we are going to endeavour to reduce this horror.  

By the time the Olympics come to London in 2012 another 12,000 babies will have died and thousands of families’ lives will have been devastated and changed forever. Let's make a difference, let's save lives. 

Colette Murphy and Jo Hart


To show your support and to raise awareness of these issues and help save lives, please visit the petition here.

John Pope for GoPetition