Sydney, Australia: A member of the Australian Monarchist League has started an online petition calling for Prince William to be made Governor-General of Australia.

Mr Nigel Morris, 32, says His Royal Highness is a popular and much liked figure Down Under.

"Prince William has been warmly received in Australia during his last two visits attracting thousands of well wishers. With his natural empathy, humour and casual dress sense he has been described in the local media as a 'people’s prince' and 'generation Y's most esteemed member'."

Morris says a year or two of "on the job" training for the future King of Australia in the ceremony and roles relating to parliamentary operation, and such a handsome young couple as William and Kate, would get more young Australians interested in the country's political system. There, of course, would also be the potential tourism boost it would provide.

"There is a precedent here: Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester was a member of the Royal Family, the third son of George V and Queen Mary, and thus uncle to Elizabeth II. The Duke served as the 11th Governor-General of Australia, from 1945 to 1947."

The petition can be viewed at the following URL:

For more: Nigel Morris, (02) 6742 3689