Ireland: Pressure has been increasing for Mick Wallace to resign as a TD. According to petition campaigner Lisa Cantillon, "Mick Wallace on behalf of MJ Wallace LTD knowingly and willingly made a false VAT declaration to Revenue.  The company withheld VAT €1,418,894 on apartment sales over a two-year period and Mick Wallace decided at the time that MJ Wallace LTD would not pay this VAT to Revenue and instead use the €1,418,894 for his company."

"This is taxpayers money and MJ Wallace LTD was only the withholding agent for the VAT and had an obligation to pay the VAT to the Revenue."

"Mick Wallace believes that none of this money will be paid to Revenue as his company is insolvent. The irony of it all is that Mick Wallace (a property developer no less!) is now being paid by the very hand which he knowingly defaulted upon. Not to mention the gold plated pension that he is currently accumulating.

The position is clear - anyone who is a director of a company and has it's name published on the Revenue's tax defaulters list should not be permitted to hold public office.

Tax defaulters or anyone who had/has direct involvement with a company which defaulted should not be permitted to be a TD. Therefore, Mick Wallace is not fit to sit in the Dáil. We the people call on Mick Wallace to resign.

If we as a nation want change, we need to set examples and be pro active!

Below is a list of politicians that have defaulted over the years.






CON WARD - 1946"

Ms Cantillon notes that, "In this regard, I am also requesting that Taoiseach Enda Kenny should bring legislation before the Dáil to allow government to withhold salaries and pensions for situations such as these."

"I urge you to sign this petition and to pass it on to everyone you know - through facebook and any other means."