Calls are back to take the Republican nomination from Donald Trump at the party’s convention in Cleveland this summer. The usual players can be identified. Yes the #nevertrump hashtag is back in business.

One campaigner, Joe Coso, has identified the anti-trump movement as "Establishment Mastadons" intent on stealing the nomination from Trump. Coso warns of impending theft and has penned the following:

"Please sign [my] petition to stop the aging, 12th century old guard, Mastodonian, establishment Republicans from thinking they can insidiously and self-servingly -- and let's do lunch with our obsequious sycophant special interest followers -- stick in some lame, cowardly, lazy -- go along with Barump Obama on every issue, lie to the people who voted for you and not so subtly, steal the consensus of the American people from Donald Trump -- and stick in some marionette of ours into the Republican candidacy for President."

Outpoken patriot Roger Stone has suggested, "The establishment have been running the Republican Party for so long, and [rigging] the game for so long, that they haven’t realized things have changed. The rise of Trump is a tidal wave. In their deluded minds their plan to steal the nomination from Donald Trump will work just the same as it did with Ron Paul in 2012. But Trump has a constituency that will not stand for it."

Stone continues, "Trump has managed to awaken the silent majority of Americans who previously either did not bother to vote or just shrugged their shoulders and accepted that the system is rigged and the little man cannot have an impact. Today Trump has become a leader for the non-elites. He is an alternative to doing the bidding of Bushs and Clintons and their ilk who have become richer and richer while the ordinary people have become poorer and poorer and America itself turned into a debt-ridden shadow of its once great self. "

Joe Coso's petition, Stop Republican Establishment Mastadons from stealing Candidacy from Trump!, can be signed here.

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