Dr. Who activists from around thw world have been vociferous this month with on goal. Netflix mst not drop the ball with Dr. Who.

Fans petitioned as follows at GoPetition:

"Many users of the online streaming service, Netflix have reported that the science fiction television series, "Doctor Who" is set to be removed from the service on February 1, 2015.

This has sent fans of the series into an uproar and not for the first time. In 2013, Netflix removed (from its UK site) episodes of "Doctor Who" from the period of 1963–1996 (which is collectively known as the "Classic Era" of the series).

Now, all episodes from the period of 2005–present will be removed. Unless, you do something about it.

Sign this petition to save the cult classic, "Doctor Who" from being removed from Netflix."

It seems that fans will get their way and can rest easy. Following numerous reports that Netflix and the BBC were parting ways, the streaming service has clarified that Dr Who will not be pulled.

Petition organizer Zach, paid homage to the fans, "Thank you everyone for your support! All of your hard work and that of those who called Netflix to voice their opinion paid off. Doctor Who and other BBC titles have been renewed on Netflix! So, thank you Whovians! The Doctor has been saved!"


Image credit: http://www.bbc.co.uk