Doncaster, UK: The grieving family of soldier Lee Davidson are petitioning Thorne and Moorends Town Council to provide a garden as a memorial to his heroism.

Sergeant Davidson, aged 32, was killed last September after his armoured vehicle hit a roadside bomb in Afghanistan’s Helmand province.

In July Doncaster Council approved a £63,000 grant for the refurbishment of Thorne Memorial Park, with the final decision on what to spend the money on down to the town council.

Sgt Davidson was helping train Afghan police officers, the Ministry of Defence said

Lee’s sister Toni, aged 36, of Millfield Road, Thorne, said the family had launched a petition for a ‘peace garden’ on waste land at the side of the park, dedicated to Lee, after the town council had refused, saying it would set a precedent.

Council clerk Jeremy Sherlock said he was disappointed to hear about the petition, having met Toni and Lee’s widow Sam to discuss the matter.

He said: “At that meeting they stated they had no desire for it to be turned into a memorial garden.

“We did discuss the possible provision of a tree with a plaque."

“The impression I got was that they were happy with that. I’m extremely surprised about this.”

Toni said: “We want to show the council the strength of feeling about this. They said they didn’t want it to look like a graveyard but in my mind we would just have a plaque with Lee’s name on."

“We want to give his children something to remember him by, something important for them, showing the support from the town for the sacrifice he made.”

She added Lee’s name had been included on the town war memorial, but incorrectly, with his middle initial missing.

Thorne ward member Martin Williams described the council’s decision as a ‘disgrace’, adding: “It’s the right and honourable sort of precedent to set for sons and daughters of Thorne to be remembered in the proper way."

“It’s a simple idea to have a peace garden where fallen soldiers after World War Two can be remembered, and would be nice for the families.”

Supporter of the petition can sign here.

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