Darrell Shandrow is a blind student at Arizona State University who uses computers with speech capabilities on a daily basis. "I think there's a public perception that we (blind people) don't use technology," he has said. "I have a talking computer right here."

The avid technology user and blind rights activist was recently given the opportunity to review GoPetition's new audio captcha technology. In his Blind Access Journal Blog, Shandrow writes:

"GoPetition's declaration "Anyone or any group can use GoPetition to have their voice heard" now fully applies to blind and visually impaired people who may wish to create petitions, sign petitions or participate in the site's online discussion forums." 

"GoPetition has now fully upgraded its signature process to allow blind people access to audio files for our security codes," said John Pope, GoPetition's managing director. "You may also be confident to start a petition at GoPetition if you wish as we are now user friendly for visually impaired people."

Shandrow continues: "Those [deaf-blind users] wishing to completely avoid CAPTCHA may register for full access to all of the site's services. The process requires e-mail address confirmation. According to a statement on the site: "as a verified member you will not have to navigate through complex codes or captchas, nor will you be subjected to confusing audio instructions."

In a note to GoPetition's CEO, John Pope, Shandrow  writes, "Your work on this matter is very much appreciated by those of us in the connected online blind community."

In a confirmation of Shandrow's review, Daniel McGrath, a GoPetition client, comments:

"The audio [captcha file] is beautifully clear and easy. Signing is now a piece of cake. I shall pass this on to other blind people. This makes your site the best petition site on the web that I have found. Complexity, security and accessibility... P.S. thank you, it's so rare that I get such a positive response when trying to address this issue with websites.  Thank you for making my life and the lives of other blind people just that little bit easier."

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