The Wildlife Carers Group Inc. (WCG) have started a campaign to request the ACT Government and the Australian Prime Minister to withdraw their proposed, cruel and unnecessary cull of our native Eastern Grey Kangaroos, on the BNTS Site. WCG wants the ACT government to relocate the housing development onto another site set aside for an International Arboretum and Gardens Project and turn the BNTS site into a city Kangaroo Park and Wildlife Sanctuary.

The International Arboretum and Gardens project will prove devastating to our native flora and fauna by the pollens carried throughout the ACT and surrounding NSW, wiping out native flora and fauna, if it isn't abandoned.

The Kangaroo Park and Wildlife Sanctuary will house ALL the existing Eastern Grey Kangaroos, and kangaroo proof fencing, along with the largest Wildlife Hospital with a public viewing surgery, educational facility, rehabilitation facility, cafes, viewing platform, extra enclosures for the rehabilitation of the sick, injured, orphaned native Eastern Grey Kangaroos, and other native wildlife, and will prove to be a very successful tourist attraction, increasing tourism to the ACT, preventing the need to cruelly and unnecessarily cull, or relocate any kangaroos.