Buenos Aires, Argentina: A petition commenced by Roberta Triumphans has been successful in achieving a notable CD release. The petition requested that a record label release a CD with the Italian soprano Roberta Invernizzi consisting of the following arias:

Handel - Vivaldi album with Roberta Invernizzi1- Destin Avaro from Vivaldi´s La fida Ninfa

2- Se pieta di me non senti - From Handel´s Giulio Cesare

3- Gelosia, tu già rendi l'alma mia from Vivaldi´s Ottone in Villa

4- Ah crudel il pianto mio - From Handel´s Rinaldo

5- Scocca dardi - From Vivaldi´s Griselda

6- Io ti levo l'impero dell'armi - from Handel´s Partenope

7- Scoglio d'immota fronte from Handel´s Scipione

8- Combatta un gentil cor - from Vivaldi´s Tito Manlio

9- Credete al mio dolore - From Handel´s Alcina; 10- Son fra scogli e fra procelle - From Vivaldi´s Teuzzone; 11- Destero Dall'empia Dite - From Handel´s Amadigi; 12 -Vede orgogliosa l'onda - From Vivaldi´s Griselda.

Due in no small part to the campaign, a CD with Roberta Invernizzi singing some of the Vivaldi arias requested in the petition will be released in May 2012 by Glossa music.

"We consider this petition has fulfilled its purpose. Thanks to everyone who signed and supported this campaign, we also thank Glossa, and Ms. Invernizzi for making this dream come true."

"Thanks also to GoPetition. This site was very helpful for us to achieve our goal. After 3 years we fullifilled our purpose. I am rating Gopetition10/10."

Repoted by: John Pope, GoPetition

(Photo of Milanese soprano Roberta Invernizzi by: Bruna Ginammi)