By Marcy Rappaport

A tragic epidemic has hit Nassau County.  Developers across the nation have been purchasing Mobile Home Parks for redevelopment and now, Larry Rush and STP Associates, LLC have purchased the only Mobile Home Park in Nassau County on Long Island in New York.

The 80 year old Syosset Mobile Home Park is home to 70 families that are now facing the reality of becoming homeless as a result of the sale of the park by its former owners HORMI Holding Company, Inc.  Home owners were blindsided and devastated by the sale because previous management repeatedly reassured home owners and informed prospective home owners that "this park has always been a park, it will always be a park, it is grandfathered".  Believing this to be true, home owners purchased, furnished and refurbished their homes with future plans of retiring here.  Home owners are now forced to deal with the anguish caused by this situation and our children are being forced to cope with the insecurity and uncertainty of their future on a daily basis. 

Our nation has always come to the aid of its own in a time of crisis and we at the Syosset Mobile Home Park are living in a constant state of crises.  The local politicians have refused to step in and stop STP Associates, LLC from destroying the lives of the 70 families living at the park.  The politicians have made it clear that they have to remain neutral and cannot get involved.  NY State has no laws preventing developers from purchasing Mobile Home Communities and evicting the home owners without compensating them for the homes they are leaving behind.  In essence, NY State is allowing these developers to legally steal our homes.

We beg the government to step in and stop this epidemic that is wiping out the dwindling availability of affordable home ownership across the country.  We ask you, our fellow Americans, where does the dollar stop and the respect for a human life begin?  Please visit and sign our online petition at