Alternative plan for Ward
Alternative plan for Ward's Corner
THE GATEWAY to Tottenham should rescue its historic buildings in a vibrant new community-focused complex of shops, offices and homes - not a pair of eight-storey blocks of flats and a soulless shopping precinct.

That's the vision from a "community coalition" of residents groups, shopkeepers and market traders who have taken it upon themselves to shape the future of Wards Corner, which sits above Seven Sisters Tube station.

Ward's Corner as it was
The group formed after locals were appalled at the proposals for the site from developer Grainger, which, supported by £1million from Tottenham regeneration fund New Deal for Communities, wants to build 200 flats in a partly six-storey complex.

The coalition's vision features an open-air piazza behind a refurbished Wards Store, with space inside for market stalls and the original interior structure exposed.

Other retail space, offices, up to 150 flats and conference or cinema space is also included in the plans, which received a round of applause when unveiled on Monday night at the latest coalition meeting.

Wendy Keenan, of the Fountain Area Residents' Association, said: "The plan represents everything that the current proposals do not. It's exciting, inclusive, has the support of local people and is an investment in their entrepreneurial spirit.

"It seeks to preserve the industrial and business character of the site, improve the environment and integrate housing to create a desirable place to live.

"The plan will be a new start for Wards Corner that preserves the essential character of the area."

A full application will be submitted to Haringey Council this week, but one stumbling remains - they need a developer willing to build the plan.

The Tottenham Civic Society has set up a petition to restore Wards Stores at