Canada: A campaign has been launched to highlight the problem of excessive spending by public servants of public money.

Debbie Walsh, a concerned Canadian from Ontario, decided to start a petition to address the problem. She states that, "No business in their right mind in this day and age offers its employees personal expense accounts when running a huge deficit."


"Travel expenses are irrelevant when the internet now allows us access to the world... and no one working for any company gets free meals... transportation... 'perks'...months off... etc for no productive cause."

"We, as Canadians, have a right to know how our tax dollars are spent in this executive 'branch' of government and why "luxury" personal expense accounts are still allowed amidst failing services and lack of finances to cover even the most basic of government responsibilities."

Walsh, in her call to action for all Canadians, writes, "We as Canadians demand that our hard earned monies are used directly for governing our country and not for maintaining unnecessary fringe benefits of civil servants." 

"There is no longer any room for personal expense accounts except as applied to the PM of Canada and his aides when necessitated by global responsibilities."

Hopefully her efforts and those that support her ideals will see more rigorous standards applied to the use of the public funds of Canada. Her petition can be viewed and signed here.

John Pope for GoPetition